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News and Current Events (2008)


November 15, 2008

RAD is inviting students to join us on our 4th Annual RAD Winter European Tour. This tour includes 5 days in Prague, with a visit to RAD’s European partner the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), as well as five days in Budapest. From Budapest we will take a day trip to Vienna.

Tour dates are from January 29 to February 7.

Anyone interested in joining this tour should contact RAD Manager Brandt Westberg immediately for all the details.



September 29, 2008

RAD wishes the best of luck to the following 7 RAD students as they begin their first day of classes at the University of New York in Prague:

Evgeny Danilenko
Evgeny Demidov
Victoria Grishanova
Olga Pishchukhina
Diana Balanovsakya
Anna Rykova
Valeria Udaleva



September 15, 2008

RAD welcomes the following students to the Russian-American Dual Diploma Program:

Abdrakhimov, Ruslan
Anikin, Denis
Belov, Oleg
Belyaeva, Julia
Bilen, Margarita
Chashchin, Alexei
Dunin, Maxim
Fillipenko, Marina
Galoian, Artem
Gerasimov, Alexei
Gukova, Ekaterina
Ilushechkina, Kristina
Ivanova, Valeria
Konstantinov, Konstantin
Melenchuk, Nicolay
Moskalenko, Ivan
Pyatkov, Maxim
Redko, Evgenia
Rychkova, Ekaterina
Shipitsina, Anna
Shumailov, Ivan
Skipina, Victoria
Trukhan, Valentina
Vartsaba, Ekaterina
Yarkova, Evgenia
Yarosh, Svetlana
Zakomoldin, Maxim
Zhusupova, Victoria
Zibareva, Kristina
Zyatnin, Vasilii



February 14, 2008

RAD invites any interested students to join us in our upcoming tour of New York College in Athens, Greece. The trip is tentatively planned for April 30 to May 6.

Interested students should contact the RAD Manager at (3812) 67-01-66 or e-mail.



February 12, 2008

RAD welcomes three new students to the Russian-American Dual Degree Program:

Anna Shipitsyna (2nd Year FMB—World Economy)
Kristina Ilushechkina (1st Year FMB)
Evgenia Redko (2nd Year FMB—World Economy)

RAD’s current enrolled period ends on Monday, February 25.
Any students interested in joining RAD during this period should contact the RAD Manager at (3812) 67-01-66 or e-mail.



February 10, 2008

Eighteen RAD and FMB students have recently returned from a tour of the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) in the Czech Republic. During their one-week tour, students not only visited UNYP, but also toured famous sites in and around Prague including the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Vysehrad Castle and Karlstein Castle. RAD students also enjoyed Prague’s famous night life, restaurants, hot wine, and beer! On February 3, RAD took a one-day trip to Dresden, Germany, where students spent a wonderful afternoon walking through the center of Dresden viewing the Frauenkirche, Semperoper and Zwinger. Finally, on February 6 our students again put their Schengen visas to use by visiting the Slovaka capital, Brataslava. In Brataslava RAD students visited the Brataslava Castle and the Old Town.



January 31, 2008

Today 18 students from the School of International Business (OmGU) are traveling to Prague, Czech Republic, on the 3rd Annual RAD Prague Tour. During their visit the will have a tour and orientation session at the University of New York at Prague, as well as meet officials from Empire State College (State University of New York). In addition, the students will visit famous tourist sites in and around Prague, including Prague Castle, the Old Town, Old Jewish Quarter, Vseyhard Castle, Kunta Hura and Karlstein Castle. RAD has also planned a day excursion to Dresden, Germany.



January 20, 2008

RAD is pleased to welcome our newest student, Ekaterina Gukova, to the Russian-American Dual Degree Program. Ekaterina is currently a fourth-year student of the School of International Business World Economy Department.






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