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RAD — Course Modules and Brief Outline



Test of English as a Foreign Language — this is a basic requirement to get started on the RAD program. A minimum level in the examination of 525 is needed.


United States History pt I and II

Discovery of America, Empire to Independence, 1776 — American Revolution, new federation, growth of the New World, through to Civil War: then in pt II, emergence of Modern America, new Imperialism, World Wars, modern presidents and the politics of America.


College Writing pt I and II

Students learn to use writing to develop their thinking, and to read texts critically for both form and content.  They practice different writing processes and rhetorical strategies, so that they can write purposeful and coherent essays. In pt II students learn more about how to express themselves.  Then there is a final assignment to produce a 10-page research paper on the student’s own topic.


Western Civilization

The rise of the West – basic ideas, values and institutions. Looking back in history to the Renaissance and Reformation, then the Industrial Revolution. And the emergence of modern constitutional and authoritarian government.


Business Ethics

Introduction to business ethics concepts and theories. Lessons will be both theoretical and practical.


Business Law

This is an introduction to the main issues covering business law.  Particular focus will be on international trade law, contracts, transactions and intellectual property. Lectures and seminars.


Business Communications

Emergence of the Age of Communication, computers, Internet, e-mails, etc



We now live on a highly integrated planet, with everything and everyone working together as one unit.  Some say the business world is flat, and out-sourcing is becoming commonplace. All the countries and peoples of the world have equal opportunity for success.


Organizational Behavior

The goal of this course is to introduce techniques and skills that can positively influence individual and group/team performance in the work place. Core topics include leader behavior, power, motivation, attitude development, perception, work stress and conflict.










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